Thursday, December 30, 2010

a special occasion

Remember the 369 roses I showed you in the earlier post? This is what they were used for..

I was very busy in the days leading up to last Saturday, completing an order for individually packed cupcakes for a bertunang ceremony. Here's how it all unfolded..

the bride-to-be is a chocolate fiend, so the very first step was to bake some yummy moist chocolate cupcakes

then, start frosting.

i like how the lighting lends a bit of an "old school" feel to this picture

frost away.

all 120 of them
now, top with the painstakingly made roses..

carefully snuggle each cupcake into its very own box, and complete it with some ribbons

pink and silver, in line with the theme of the party..

all done!

my very best wishes to the lovely couple =)


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