Monday, December 20, 2010

it has arrived!

I have wanted a Cupcake Courier for the longest time, as it has always been a frustrating exercise storing, packing or transporting decorated cupcakes. I've once been to a party balancing 3 oversized Tupperwares, hoping and praying for the fondant decorations to remain intact.

I first learned about the Cupcake Courier from Louise at CakeJournal. This was designed by a mother of two who had trouble transporting cupcakes for her children's parties and school gatherings. Each courier has 3 stackable trays with each tray holding 12 cupcakes, which means you can now carry 36 cupcakes around in one compact container.

Unfortunately, the Cupcake Courier isn't available in Malaysia (that I know of, anyway).. this was bought in Australia.

i have the most wonderful friend ever.
who else would volunteer to carry a box this big all the way back from Melbourne?

thanks, D (and thanks for the Tim Tams) =)

there it is, nestled safely in its cocoon of bubble wrap

can't wait to use it for the Christmas party =)

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